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Bulgarian Town Celebrates Name Day

Every year a fair is held for  four days in October, in Dryanovo, in Central Bulgaria.

The fair started on Thursday 21st October and ended on Sunday 24th October. We attended the event on Saturday and stayed until Sunday morning in Dryanovo.

Dryanovo is a small town; many even class it as a village, but people came from all around to visit the fair. There were many market stalls selling a huge variety of things, such as souvenirs, clothes, food, drink, household stuff, jewelry and more! Then there were fair ground rides at the bottom of the town, where there were refreshment stalls and beer tents, filled with people.

One thing that I particularly like about living in Bulgaria is that there is no age discrimination and everyone is welcomed to any event, in any place and at any time and this weekend at the fair was proof of that. Not only was there young children with their parents, there were many teenagers, adults and elderly people all having fun and enjoying themselves!!

By about 9pm, the fair and the surrounding stalls had all closed for the night and the town became very quiet, with many of the people spending the evening at family parties. But the following morning the fair had re-opened at 9.30am and the bars were once again filled with people.