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Lidl In Bulgaria

Today we thought we would visit Lidl in Gabrovo the city nearest to where we live in Bulgaria.

Thinking it has been open for a day now and the city already has a selection of supermarkets here, will it take off? Also asking ourselves will it sell the same stock as the one we knew in the U.K we decided to go and check it out?


When we arrived we could see as we entered the car park it was almost full with cars. As we drove around to find a space to park we had such a shock to see at least 200 people queuing at the entrance of the store! Security guards maybe allowing so many in at a time. It was mid afternoon and had already been open most of the day. Not believing our eyes as I have only saw this kind of queuing in the U.K early morning during the New Year’s sales. We parked up for a few minutes to see if the queue shifted a little, but not having much patience left them to it till the excitement of the cheap prices dies down a bit. I will try again soon as I particularly like their brand of Lasagne and I know that from the website it is advertised so hopefully we will have better luck next time to see what is on offer.