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Heat Wave in Bulgaria

According to recent news reports most parts of Bulgaria have seen record temperatures for this time of year, with the last few days reaching 28 degrees.

I hope everybody in Bulgaria is enjoying this lovely warm weather we are having at the moment. It is great to see people still out and about, sitting outside at bars for refreshments, soaking up the hot sunshine not burdened with heavy coats. Some of us trying to get those small irritating jobs done outside before the real winter comes.



Everywhere now looking bare as the last leaves have fallen from the trees. A handful of walnuts scattered on the ground which my dog loves to retrieve when out on his daily walk, and eat on his return home.

Experiencing 3 years living in central Bulgaria, the weather can change drastically. Back when we were here on a viewing trip our estate agent told us she thought the weather here was very unhealthy due to the fast change and drastic temperature change. Remembering this only a few weeks ago we were experiencing freezing temperatures at night and even a light covering of snow and wearing extra layers, with the heating on. Now this week it has felt like summer again, even a slight moan about how warm it is! However I don't feel unhealthy because of it and I know a man in our village with lung problems who has noticed improvements and needs his inhaler a lot less than back in the U.K.

Testing homemade red wine made by my neighbour he told me it was normal for this time of year, so maybe not climate change as we usually like to blame.
I guess we are lucky to have this break, as when I speak to family back in the U.K it is usually raining!