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Corresponding With My Bulgarian Neighbour

When moving house it often means leaving family and friends behind. This was the case for us recently, but as we are lucky to have the modern technology of low cost internet services such as Skype and Twitter, it is much easier now to keep in contact with those close to us.

In addition, I promised our Bulgarian neighbour that we would either call or write to him to let him know how we were getting on. Like many older people in Bulgaria, his life has not been touched with computers and this new type modern technology to keep in touch. He does, however, own a mobile phone, but complains about the cost of phone credit!

After we had finally settled in our new home, we wrote him an update on how we were doing and sent it to him as promised, knowing also that he would love this as he had previously told us he never received post! So no doubt he would love the attention from this as it would be a little bit of village gossip for the post woman!

Not long after he called us from his mobile to thank us and wished us good health as Bulgarians do, which we thought was great as he was such a dear friend to us whom we learnt such a lot about life in Bulgaria from. It was good to hear from him.