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Avoid Holiday Scams

Don't let con artists ruin your holiday this summer! Here are Quest Bulgaria`s top tips to avoid getting scammed:

1. Don't give your passport as a deposit on a car hire. It is a common mistake that leads to damaged passports to get to your cash.

2. Beware of overly friendly people in busy places. Coincidental accidents may be used as a distraction tactic to get to your valuables.

3. Don't trust someone who you believe to be a professional just because they're wearing a uniform; particularly if he offers to hold your luggage. There are stories of tourists handing over bags to an official looking man, only for him to escape with their luggage.

4. Stay clear of car rental shops that ask you to bring back the vehicle with an empty tank. This could mean you're being over charged for the petrol you get with the deal.

5. Find out the average price you'll be charged on the journey from the airport before leaving so that you don't pay over the odds for being tourists. You should also make sure you agree on a price with the driver beforehand.

6. Don't be taken in by people on the beach offering boat excursions, especially if they request the cash in advance. Instead, book through your hotel.

7. Never put your debit card in a foreign cash machine before checking the rates beforehand. Some tourists have been charged huge amounts by banks for processing card payments.