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Paying More for Hand Luggage

Like most people, I do not like paying more money than I have to. I am referring to the recent news reports regarding Wizzair's trial on paying for hand luggage from August 1 between Luton and Katowice Poland, which is a good example of this. And like most things in life a few people have spoilt it for the majority.

This report reminded me of when I travelled with the company from Bulgaria last year, and as it was for only a few days, I took only hand luggage. Prior to my journey I measured the bag to ensure it was well within the guide lines from the Wizzair website, so I wouldn`t have to pay for it to go with me as hand luggage. I stressed a little over the size and weight of the bag, but it was not anywhere near the 10 kilos limit as I weighed it before the flight.

Between the journeys of Luton and Burgas , I was surprised at how big some of the hand luggage was getting on board. A lot of the luggage appeared larger than the example specified by the check-in desks!

On both journeys we had to board last since budget flights treat people like herds of cattle, pushing and shoving, and all of the overhead lockers were packed full to the limit by then.
So we had no choice but to sit with bags jammed underneath the front seat. And sandwiched in for just over the 3 hours! At this point I wished I had paid for the luggage to go in the hold, and put up with the wait at the other end, as the flight was hot and tedious, in having even less room than usual.

So although these companies do introduce these ideas to make more profit, this trial may draw the line at what passengers get away with.

The Proposal

The reason is to make the journey more comfortable, so we will wait to see how the trial goes.

A bag measuring 42cm x 32cm x 25cm or less is allowed free on board, but any bigger will be a charge of 10 Euro's and go into the hold.
55cm x 40cm x 20 cm or larger is to go into the hold and costs 20 euro's for flight under 1.5 hours and longer flight the cost is 25 euro's. For full details see