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Bulgaria`s Mall Mania

Shopaholics cannot afford to miss a trip to Bulgaria! Bulgaria's retail structure is changing at a growing pace as each city builds at least one shopping mall to encourage more international chains to set up business here - larger cities like Sofia, Varna and Burgas having several malls to choose from.

The new malls offer not only a great selection of shopping all under one roof, they have brought a host of international clothing and footwear retailers from marks and Spencer's, H& M, Zara and Mango to Hush Puppy and many more. Many leading sports retailers have outlet shops here but be warned, the prices do not appear to be any better than in the West!

Clothing, footwear, luxury home ware, chocolate, food, alcohol and jewellery all vary in expense, whilst some electrical goods cost the same or slightly less than they do in other European countries. Genuine luxury goods cost the same as back home and in some cases are more expensive.

In addition, malls offer entertainment complexes with ten pin bowling, ice skating and cinemas (with films in English) as well as restaurants, Bars, Bistros and Coffee shops - larger cities have McDonald's; Kentucky fired chicken, Subway, Starbucks and Costas.

Most malls currently offer free parking and local bus services provide frequent access.