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Bulgaria - Car Lights on Day and Night

Bulgarian MP`s have passed, by a majority vote, a new driving law that requires drivers to keep their vehicles headlights on day and night all year round. Bulgaria, like many other countries in Europe already has in place the law whereby headlights should be switched on during the winter months from November 1 until March 1.


But the new law recently imposed now states that it should continue the rest of the year, although a date is yet to be set for the new law to take effect. The new law has been introduced in a bid to improve road safety and visibility amongst other cars on the roads. Many believe that both cars are more visible in oncoming traffic, therefore increasing safety. It is a topic that causes much debate in and around Europe, including the recent vote within the Bulgarian government.


Many see the eventual production of cars manufactured with headlamps automatically switched on with the engine, causing higher fuel costs. Along with an excuse to increase the revenue from road traffic police issuing fines, and the wear and tear cost from continual use on car lights.