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Bulgaria for Wildlife Lovers


Living in Bulgaria is great for wildlife lovers. Only a few days ago, whilst having some time out after work on the beach, we heard a commotion in the water and people were leaving the sea.

The panic stemmed from a large snake swimming in the sea. I know it was alarming for all, but I find it fascinating that amid all the adults and children playing, that you catch a glimpse of a snake's head bobbing out of the sea. A man found a heavy branch, killed it and then removed it.

We love the outdoors life of Bulgaria, with the open space and countryside always nearby. And during our walks we have often seen snakes - although I'm not certain what types they are when I see them because I don`t want to get that close to them. I am aware that some are venomous, but many of them are not. Most are just basking in the early morning sun on paths and roads; others we have seen have been swimming in rivers and the sea. I always regret not bringing my camera with me when I'm walking because I see so many things I want to capture. The wildlife is great here.