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Bulgaria - A Healthy Nation?

A recent survey report by Bloomberg has placed Bulgaria 73 out of 143 of the healthiest country to live in. The survey was authorised by the World Health Organisation to discover how healthy nations were with at least a population of a million to gain the score.

A selection of factors was covered in the survey: life expectancy at birth, infant mortality, living to the age of 65 and life expectancy at that age. As well as a health risk penalty, to find out more about what percentage of citizens in a country were smokers, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, or HIV infected. Pollution issues were taken into consideration too.

Results of the survey determined that Singapore came out with the highest score of 89.45%, followed by Italy, Australia, Switzerland and Japan. From the top 20 countries, 13 were European countries. Bulgaria made it half way for being healthy!