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Young People Living Abroad

Moving abroad is a big step in life for anyone at any age and it is becoming more common to hear of young people living abroad. Over the past few years, more and more young families have left their home country behind to start a new life abroad.

It can be a daunting challenge for young children and teenagers to settle in to a new country and integrate.

Expats of all ages face difficulties in their new country, and have a lot of hurdles to jump. For young people living abroad they also have similar issues to face from small children starting a new school in a foreign country to older youngsters having to find work.

In Bulgaria, I know of youngsters here who found school good and managed to make friends easily, and others who found it a struggle leading them to embark on overseas study programs that are linked to the U.K. Younger children often adapt much better than older ones who can feel alienated.

For young people living abroad that need to work, it can be particularly hard as jobs are scarce everywhere. A number of expat youngsters can often get temporary summer work, or others are able to join the family business, or find work within the internet or teach English. This predicament can cause family break ups from lack of work potential, along with further education needs which forces many back to home countries.

Possible problems young people living abroad have to overcome are:

A new language is a major dilemma for nearly everyone who moves abroad
Meeting friends and finding a social life, isolation
School or university and education maybe due to the hindrance of learning a new, however a Good starting place to meet new people
Finding work also lack of skills and experience
No money or a limited amount
Lack of life experience
A new culture can be hard to adapt to

In a positive light I also know of young adults who work for themselves and have invested in property to either live in, or renovate - and are happy with their life in Bulgaria.

When it comes to finding information and expat stories from young people living abroad, there are very few available, so if anyone has a story to share contact us at Quest Bulgaria.