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Bulgarian Times - The Rough with the Smooth

Bulgarian times are getting harder for locals and expats alike, what with the rising cost of food and the government's recent decision to tax the interest on the savings earned in banks here, we ask ourselves, what's next?

It was announced last week that over 50% of all Bulgarian businesses are in serious dept and most face the threat of being prosecuted by the government.


On July 18th Burgas airport experienced a serious terrorist attack by a suicide bomber who boarded a transfer bus in the airports parking area.

20% of Bulgarians are living in poverty (the same figure as Greece)............... it doesn't improve much better than this unless you want to dig into the archives.

All of this has, in my opinion a depressing similarity to the life I chose to leave behind 5 years ago. And I do feel that in some respects Bulgarian times will worsen before changing for the better.  I see in the news quite often that new malls are being opened in cities all over the country and I find it hard to understand why so much money is available for this when many of the country's hospitals are in urgent need of funding. There is also the serious problem which as expats we are all aware of and have sympathy for the orphaned children of Bulgaria, a heartbreaking issue which in many ways seems to be that the bulk of help comes from expats of the UK and beyond when this should surely be a top of the list urgent action for the Bulgarian government.

The one thing that I learn from all this is that the grass is not always greener on the other side and most of us know this, having said this I still like my life here in Bulgaria and I still prefer it over the UK so for now at least it's carry on as normal with the chin up and keep enjoying my Bulgarian times.