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Holidays in Autumn

Bulgaria is a great destination for holidays in autumn. While not generally publicised, it is great for those who want a break away from the hustle of Christmas looming in the U.K. In particular, September to November is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the heat of the summer and of course the busy crowds.

The majority of tourists visit Bulgaria either in the height of summer to the Black sea coast or winter sports enthusiasts opt for the ski resorts in the midst of winter. But for  those seeking peace and quiet, yet still want some warm sunny days to explore this beautiful country  or even laze on an empty beach then off season holidays in autumn in Bulgaria are a great time for this.

There are still plenty of good quality hotels available throughout, or browse the internet for well equipped self catering accommodation that are open all year round. There are no shortages of bars, small eateries and traditional restaurants to eat and drink at, which ever part of the country you visit. Bulgarians love to socialise with family and friends so consequently it is an important part of their lifestyle to dine out, so there is plenty of choice to suit all.

The roads are less busy, and fewer tourists are around so it can be a great getaway for individuals to visit the many attractions that Bulgaria has to offer. There is a vast amount of choice: the rural and mountainous, the coastal areas, modern cities, history and culture. Bulgaria does have it all.

This year in particular the weather has been exceptional, and Bulgaria is still having good day temperatures for September! Although the country is only small it does have a wide variety of weather, but generally until the likelihood of snow in December there are many bright, cheerful days, with comfortable temperatures. For those who enjoy outdoor activities such as walking or cycling this time of year is the best. Then you can take a break and relax at an outdoor bar and sample the great local cuisine or simply enjoy a coffee watching the world go by.

Some regions can be slightly wetter in weather due to the terrain but there are still ample sunny bright days and temperatures are still fairly high. The Black sea region boasts over 300 sunny days a year, and having lived in the region now for 8 months I can certainly vouch for this.

The scenery inland at this time of year is a fantastic sight with a wonderful display of autumn colours that blend into the mountainous backdrop.

So if this is for you and you prefer a less crowded place for holidays to visit with warm pleasant sunny days try Bulgaria in the autumn.