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Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes

Families eating out in Bulgaria will almost certainly find kid friendly dinner recipes on the menu at most bars or restaurants. Sure you can find McDonalds, Kentucky fried chicken etc. here but if you opt to try the more traditional informal Mehana/tavern (or restaurant) in Bulgaria, families with fussy eaters may be surprised at how Bulgarian food is straightforward yet scrumptious.

Most mehanas/ taverns are family friendly and feature a traditional and friendly atmosphere. Bulgarians enjoy eating out and that includes kids too.

The menus are generally similar throughout, and although many expats can moan somewhat because the choice can be boring after a time, I think as far as kids visiting Bulgaria are concerned there is certainly something on the menus that will tempt their taste buds.

OK, there are certain dishes like tripe soup, liver and other offal that wouldn't tempt kids to try. But, when you look closely the food is relatively plain and simple but very tasty. Just study the menu and there will be something to suit everyone.

Some examples: Kid friendly dinner recipes on Bulgarian menus...

Salads are not always a favourite back home but are extremely popular here, and a lot of kids and adults I know love the Shopska salad. It is mainly a mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, a little chopped onion and a mountain of grated sirene (feta) cheese.

Kid friendly dinner recipes - some similar to food back home includes; Grilled meats, kebabs,  sausages (kebabcheta), burgers (kufteta), chicken coated in bread crumbs, deep fried yellow cheese, deep fried peppers stuffed with white cheese (sirene/feta)   and omelettes. All of which are served with good old ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard. These condiments can be found everywhere because most Bulgarians adore these sauces.

Chips are always a favourite on the menu and come either on their own, or with grated white cheese or grated yellow cheese.

Rice dishes similar to risotto with chicken or vegetables are not heavily spiced but just simply cooked and very tasty.

Also, the Bulgarian meat and vegetable dishes baked  and served in earthernware pots that are a great winter warmer and a favourite with adults!

Pizzas are very popular, with a massive choice of toppings and who doesn't like a pizza now and again. Plus Bulgarian homemade breads known as parlenka which are more of a pizza base either plain, or topped with cheese or garlic.

Pancakes sweet or savoury are also a favourite with many kids I know. So if you are considering a visit to Bulgaria there is sure to be some kid friendly dinner recipes on the local menu that they will love.

These are just a few ideas of what is available, and an average restaurant price for a salad or starter is from 3 lv, and main courses are from 5 lv. Most dishes are served separately, and also can come at different times!

Bulgarian cities now offer a wider range of international cuisine with Italian, Chinese and French influence. Holiday resorts tend to replica British food, but encourage kids to try some of these Kid friendly dinner recipes and dishes on the menu. You may well be surprised at what they like.