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Stale Beer Uses in the Home

If you have leftover beer after a party, don't throw it away here are some ways to use flat and stale beer within the home and garden.

Great for the Lawn

If you are looking for a greener method to stop slugs and snails, beer is a superb choice. It is an eco friendly option and won't harm your pets, so your dogs can still enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Just conceal a clean plastic container in your garden and leave about a half inch sticking out of the ground, and then pour beer in it. The snails and slugs can't refuse the beer, so they'll drop in and not be able to get out. You can also use beer to deal with bare areas on your grass. Since it is high in nutrients and vitamins just pour beer all over the brown areas and you'll get greener grass in a couple of days.

Get Beautiful Hair

Beer has many great vitamins in it. The B vitamin in particular will leave you with beautiful looking hair. To obtain more body in your hair, simply let your beer go flat and sit at room temperature. Then wash your hair as normal after use the beer as a conditioner. Although you must rinse well or you will smell like a brewery! You can also use beer to highlight your hair. Just rub the beer through your hair and sit out in the sun. Afterwards rinse the beer out and you will be left with beach highlights from the sun.

Eat It

Beer is great to cook with. You can find numerous recipes on the internet, or simply just experiment with it. You can make soup or beer bread. It is also good as a marinade for meat (that also kills up to 70 percent of carcinogens in the meat alone), or a batter for fish. The beer will add a unique flavour and keep foods moist, and since it has numerous nutrients and vitamins in it, you're doing your body a good turn.

Uses inside the home

Beer can be used to help clean within the home. It makes a great alternative to chemical cleaning solutions, and works effectively, too. If you have got stubborn stains in your carpet - in particular coffee or tea stains - just cover using the beer (spot test first!) and blot it. The acidity in the beer helps polish metals and gold jewellery. It will also help enhance your wooden furniture. Just let the beer go flat and soak a cloth in it to give new life to your wood.

and outside...

Just like beer can draw in people, it also attracts insects. If you would like to bring butterflies to your garden, just blend a can of stale beer with sugar, syrup, fruit juice and a mashed, overripe banana and spread it on whatever you want to attract the butterflies to. Beer on its own will draw in bees. Put it in containers out of from the place where you plan to sit down, and the bees will most likely bother the beer, not your friends. You could also pour it in containers both on the inside and outside to draw in those annoying fruit flies.