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Moving On

Living overseas will most likely sometimes take its toll on you and your family. As opposed to living in your home nation, you are likely to experience differences that can have a strong impact on your future life in Bulgaria. Whatever difficulties occur whilst residing abroad, it is important that you are able to cope and manage your state of affairs.

You may have made a new life and wish to remain in Bulgaria on the other hand you might be thinking of returning to your home country or moving to an different country altogether.

Moving on

Don't put pressure on yourself and try not to feel disappointed with decisions that you will have made on the way, you should think positive and try to move on. Furthermore, life abroad is not always what individuals think it is, you will have a multitude of obstacles to overcome just as you would have had back home but combined with a different culture and language too! Here is our Quest guide to coping with hitches whilst living overseas.

Don't Look Back

Frequently, when people start to feel disappointed in moving abroad, they wish they were able to go back and correct their choice. Unfortunately there are no time machines to be able to turn back the clock in an instant to correct mistakes and alter certain matters. It just means some research and careful planning and getting on with it!

People who are constantly looking back at their past are more likely to make further bad choices and mistakes in the long term, in comparison to those who ignore it and move forward. There are two great phrases that can be used to help:

"Your life is like travelling along a road. If you're always looking behind you, you'll bump in to things in front of you."

The other phrase is:

"Don't look back because that isn't where you're heading!"

So calm down and relax, look up and do your best to proceed and focus on your life ahead.


Ok, when you feel down it is quite difficult to laugh and joke. Nevertheless, as laughter is the best therapy, you should try it. Watch a funny film, have a giggle with friends, do something funny or simply make fun of yourself to help boost your confidence. Laughing could be hardest thing to do when you are not feeling great; however it will definitely help to make you feel less stressed and in the long run relatively happy.

A change is as good as a rest

If you were to question a bunch of individuals 'who likes change?' then I am sure many people would probably say 'No.' But as they say 'a change is as good as a rest' and in most cases whenever we get accustomed to something, more times than not we do learn how to like it.

In some cases, people have purchased their dream home but then later find that they struggle to pay the mortgage and overheads that go with it. After a long period of staring at a space that they are aware is costing them a fortune and is causing unhappiness, the owners should then come to a decision to sell the property and move on. The point is that if anything is causing such distress and costing you a fortune, it is better to get away from this and start planning a new future and put the past behind you. Remember the experiences as a chapter of your life that you had highs and lows. It is likely to give you plenty to talk about in the future and others will enjoy listening to your stories and events from this part of your life.