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Do you enjoy a bottle of wine?

Do you enjoy a bottle of wine?

Do you enjoy the occasional bottle of wine? Do you want a new hobby involving wine corks?
I love finding natty ways with things collected from around the home; here are a few great ideas I came across to reuse used wine corks.  You may have to drink copious amounts of Bulgarian wine, buy in bulk or ask a bar or restaurant to save them for you!

1. A cork key ring that will float if dropped in water; it is a good idea to check first in a bucket of water as you may need more than one cork depending on how many keys there are.

2. To fix an uneven table, use a slice of the wine cork under the shaky table leg.

3. Cork board a popular way to reuse corks and looks great.

4. Floor savers, thinly slice the cork and glue to furniture that can scratch floors.

5. DIY Bathmat

6. Cork curtain, thread together the corks to make a bead curtain.

7. Razor Blade holder, jam the razor into the cork for DIY jobs.  

8. Garden Mulch, a great way to keep soil moist water in a garden bed, and mill the corks in a food processor.

9. Pin holder, attach a cork on a notice board to collect lost pins, needles or tacks.

10. Simply fill a glass vase with your collection of wine corks for show.