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Are you vegetarian?

If you follow a vegetarian diet, planning a summer holiday can be a bit of a pain, when it comes to eating out.

Often certain parts of the world can be limited when it comes to particular diets. But, if you are contemplating a trip to Bulgaria during the summer you may well be surprised at what you can find on offer to suit your dietary lifestyle.

At this time of the year the salads are made from the fresh organic vegetables in season and are delicious. The most common is the 'Shopska salad' which is made up of tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, onion then topped with grated Bulgarian cheese known as sirene (Similar to Greek feta).

Other vegetarian dishes that are available on the menus are bob chorba, a warm minty bean soup, and tarator, a cold cucumber yogurt soup. Also many restaurants have a selection of vegetables and rice dishes cooked and flavoured with an assortment of herbs. Tasty homemade breads are extremely common and a favourite accompaniment to every dish.

Visitors to Bulgaria during the summer months will time and again comment on how delicious the salads are, and actually notice a difference in the quality and taste compared to Western Europe.

Markets and local shops are full to the brim with fresh fruits and salad vegetables to tempt your taste buds.

Just make sure you read the ingredients in some of the salads because some contain egg and meat.