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Why Did You Come to Bulgaria?

Why did you come to Bulgaria? This is a common question asked by Bulgarians to foreigners who choose to buy property and live here.


We have been asked this question many times and I guess the common answers are a cheaper cost of living in Bulgaria and property, space and good summers!

We enjoy all these factors of life in Bulgaria and for me I enjoy being able to live in a less populated place and also enjoy the long hot summers.We have particularly enjoyed some of the many traditions we have been invited to by Bulgarian friends and their lovely hospitality. I like the food, the sirene and yogurt is exceptional and especially in the summer when there is an abundance of good quality fruit and salad vegetables.I also love the beer, wine and rakia! And have had far too many hangovers!

I do not like the bitter cold snowy winters but you can't get everything right?
Bulgarian beaurcraucy is a pain and slow,and the occassional loss of electric, water and internet is also hard to get used to however long you have lived here!

Quest Bulgaria would love to hear from you about why you came to Bulgaria? If you are interested in writing a guest post about this topic please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.