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Keep Your Dog Cool

As the summer temperatures rise in Bulgaria, it is vital if you own dogs to make sure you keep them cool, comfortable and watered.


Early mornings and evenings are the best part of the day to take your dog for a walk. Hot summers are hard on dogs, and they can be less energetic so don’t expect too much! Dogs help to tell you what they want and if it is too hot, most don’t want that extra long walk. When out with your dog always carry a bottle of chilled water to prevent dehydration.

Shade and water

At all times make certain your dog has access to water. Although some dogs love to lie in the sun ensure you have a shady area for them to cool off and avoid overheating. Dogs like to lie on cool tiles and concrete instead of their usual soft bed in the hotter weather. A paddling pool nearby and damp towel are great ways to keep them cool.  Setting up a fan near to your dog and regularly spraying with a water mister all over the dog will also help.

It is easy for a dog to become lethargic from too much heat. Dogs do not sweat, and cool off by panting.  Most dogs love water so treat them and take them swimming if you have water nearby.

All dogs are different and some cope better than others during the heat so take into consideration the size, how thick the dogs’ coat is and even the colour darker dogs attract the heat more than lighter coloured dogs, depending on size.

Many dogs lose their appetite during the summer and eat less, it is best to feed them when it is cooler in the mornings or evenings.

Do you really need to take your dog on a car journey?

If you take your dog out in the car take plenty of water. If travelling far switch the air-conditioning on whilst driving, and find a shaded area to park the car.

Finally - NEVER leave the dog in the car!