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Benefit from a Summer Kitchen

During the long hot Bulgarian summers a summer kitchen is worth its weight in gold when considering buying a house in Bulgaria.


Following a cold winter, Bulgarian’s enjoy time outdoors during the summer months. Generally they are an extension of the house, but outdoors are covered to protect from the heat of the hot sun. At the very least they will have a table and chairs under a shaded cover area to protect from the burning heat.

Older people living in villages will use the summer kitchen as a living area for the hotter months of the year to cook, eat, sleep, watch television and socialise with friends. They will be well equipped with a sink, kitchen area with table ware, cooker/wood burning oven/ BBQ, fridge and seating. The main house which is likely to be more comfortable will be kept clean and only used when family visit.

Most Bulgarians will make the most of an outdoor area even if it’s simply a balcony of an apartment, most of the cooking will be done on an electric grill or BBQ, to reduce both the heat and food smells of indoors.

We have enjoyed numerous occasions sitting around the table of our Bulgarian neighbour in his summer kitchen enjoying a cold beer with dried sausage or a Rakia and salad. We have sampled many of his culinary delights he has cooked which he is proud to show off to us. And in return he has always been interested in food that I have cooked and enjoyed sampling them.