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Conserve Energy in Summer

Summer is a great time, but in Bulgaria July and August can be unbearably hot like many other countries around the world. With the high temperatures also come high energy bills as you attempt to stay cool with the air conditioning.

Here we take a look at small ways to conserve energy during the summer without feeling too depressed. Furthermore some little changes may help to save some cash and the environment too!

Air conditioning is certainly an expensive indulgence during the hot summer months. It has to work hard to keep your home cool when sweltering temperatures are in the high nineties and more outside, although it does help make daily life more bearable indoors.

So what can you do?

Keep curtains or blinds drawn throughout the day. The sunlight streaming through the windows in the day produces a green house effect in the home.

Keep windows closed and invest in blinds, shades or a special reflective window film (available from Amazon) that will keep the heat out of the room. Louvered shutters on the outside work well to keep the indoors cool.

Open the windows when the sun goes down, as evenings can go cooler so make the most of some fresh air; just remember to shut them before the temperatures rise.

Fans and ceiling fans work reasonably well and cost a lot less to run in the summer if you don't have air conditioning.

Water is an inexpensive solution to staying cool so keep a spray/mister bottle nearby and use frequently, spray on bed linen at night before sleeping to help stay cool.

Mesh screens for doors and window are great to keep open at night and help prevent mosquitoes and insects coming indoors and biting you.

Spend plenty of time outdoors - if you have a shaded area then why not use it to its full advantage: keep a paddling pool to cool off with, set up an area to prepare and cook meals with a BBQ and include some garden furniture to relax and dine outdoors.
In Bulgarian village houses locals will cover inside windows with thick white paper to reduce the heat inside, and keep windows and doors closed.

Air con tips...

When using air conditioning it is a good idea at first to switch it on to a cool setting starting at 22 degrees Celsius but as it becomes colder turn it up to 26 degrees Celsius or more depending on how comfortable the temperature you require – it will help save money and CO2 emissions.

Regular cleaning of the filters in an air conditioning unit will help it to work more efficiently. It is a good idea to try to have shade outside like trees or shrubs of the room that has air conditioning.
Using the air conditioning in just one room will help keep costs down, but keep doors and windows shut, and block any gaps to prevent the nice cool air seeping out – similar to winter in keeping heat in!

A fan also works well with the air conditioning in helping to circulate the air evenly.