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Prevent Garden Injuries

When summer and the warmer weather arrive most people enjoy spending time in the garden. The fresh air and sunshine makes most people feel good and it also encourages gardening as an activity.

But, although you may enjoy the job of making the garden look wonderful during the hotter months of the year gardening in Bulgaria can be exhausting.

Here are some valuable tips to follow to prevent injuries -

1. Continuous bending when weeding your garden is bad for your spine, so stand and stretch every five minutes to give your back a rest.

2. Although it is a good idea to do the harder manual digging and weeding in the cooler parts of the day either in the morning or late evenings it is important you drink plenty of water. It is not only essential to keep you hydrated, it helps keep joints and connective tissue lubricated too.

3. If it has been a while since you did this kind of strenuous exercise, start off by just doing a little at a time. You can increase the amount of work each day and the job will still get done eventually. This is how most Bulgarian people work in villages, not over doing it just simply a bit each day!

4. Breathe in the fresh air. Taking regular deep breaths in between your work will give you an uplifting, energising lift and will additionally help you to burn fat as fuel so you may lose some weight too!

5. Most people feel better when they have done something energetic and gardening is often hard work. At the end of the day you can relax and admire your work with a cold glass of beer or wine.