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Poker Events in Bulgaria

Different poker tournaments for Bulgarian enthusiasts

Poker has a huge following in Europe, especially in Germany. However, this does not mean that countries in the Eastern part do not appreciate the card game. In fact, poker’s presence can be felt in Bulgaria as well.

The universal card game is deeply embedded in the culture of Bulgarians, as evident in the continued existence of land-based casinos hosting poker tournaments as well as the reception of online poker by Bulgarian enthusiasts. There were eleven Bulgarian players who joined the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2007, and since then they have continued to compete in global tournaments.

If the European Poker Tour has an annual stop in Berlin, here in Bulgaria there are also prestigious poker events that take place. These are the tournaments that the country has to offer:


Eurasian Poker Tour

Organized by the Poker Club Management Company (who also arranged the Mediterranean Poker Cup and Red Sea Poker Cup), this competition has three stages. The first stage is the Merit Cup tournament, followed by the Lebanese Poker Cup, and the last phase is the Main Event which will be held in Kiev. The competition will take place in cooperation with partypoker's World Poker Tour, and some of the events will be held in conjunction with the WPT. The stages of the tournament will go off in three countries: Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Cyprus. The Eurasian Poker Tour will be happening from September 6th until September 15th.


Eureka Poker Tour

The recently concluded Eureka Poker Tour was held at the Golden Sands Resort  in Varna on the Black Sea Coast from July 22nd until July 28th. The first Bulgarian player who won in this tournament was Petar Zografov, who earned a total of €48,745. In an interview, Zogravof said that he felt great winning the trophy in his home country. He defeated Lithuanian Algirdas Saveikis in an exciting match which lasted for three hours. He has yet to conquer other arenas such as the WPT or WSOP, before he could be in the same league as German poker champion Pius Heinz. Even though Saveikis was in second place, he won a bigger prize money (€51,645) due to a heads-up agreement before the main event.


Bulgarian Poker Festival

The first Bulgarian Poker Festival was held this year, and it happened last March 28-31 in Riu Pravets Resort. Out of 187 participants from nine countries, the winner who emerged was Valeri Savov, who took home €92,076 in prizes. Nasko Sirakov (a football legend) and Mihail Hristov were in second and third place, respectively. This first edition was purposely located in a relaxing environment after the winter, and the affair ended on a very festive

note: awarding ceremonies, amazing fireworks, and an all-night party for all the players.