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Bulgaria Beaches

Bulgaria beaches can be found scattered along the expanse Black sea shores, as well as numerous villages, towns, huge cities, and substantial resorts includuing, both largest resorts Golden Sands and Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach is on the southern shore, also nearby the big city - Bourgas. Numerous international flights arrive in both Bourgas and Varna, from important European cities year round. Sunny Beach is definitely the biggest resort, accommodating thousands and thousands of tourists each summer. It offers 5 - star hotels, heaps of four and three star hotels and several apartment complexes where tourists can lease a personal flat.

Because its growth is constrained by the steep hills surrounding its shores golden Sands is smaller. But, the mix of woods and seashore is actually a major attraction to several tourists. Other popular resorts include Duni on the southern shore, and Albena situated near Golden Sands.

Aside from the resorts, the two of the most renowned destinations in the Bulgarian Black sea shores are Sozopol and Nessebar. Both are ancient Greek fishing towns, thousands of years of age, that have maintained much of the historic character. Both towns are splendidly scenic, constructed on top of big rock overlooking the sea. Additionally they offer heaps of lodging options, including flats and hotel resorts, in addition to numerous restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. There's actually something for everybody here. The best time to visit these places are in May, June or September. The elements continues to be amazing, all restaurants and shops are open, but the crowds are smaller. And costs are significantly lower.