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Bulgaria Beaches

In our look at Bulgaria beaches we discover that there is 235 miles (380km) of sandy shoreline. Historic and cultural attractions around every corner. The question is not whether you ought to come to Bulgaria for a beach vacation, but which of the beaches will best suit your individual preferences.


The solution is - all of these...

During the communist era, vacation choices in these nations were restricted. For decades the Riviera was rightfully the most famous destination of the Black Sea Coast - The ideal spot to escape from an otherwise ordinary life.

Currently, the Black Sea Riviera has opened its arms to the world and caters to every kind of tourist. Having entered a fresh period of development, it meets the standard of any western country.

Sunny Beach

The largest & hottest resort in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. With miles of clean waters, fine sand beaches, countless activities, amazing restaurants, exciting nightlife and luxurious lodgings at super affordable prices, you can barely do any better.


A scenic and cozy old town charms which attracts more sophisticated crowds at Sozopol, nicknamed "the Bulgarian St Tropez." Narrow, cobbled streets lead you passed revival wooden houses, churches and chapels. Ancient history and great buildings is only the start. Two long sandy beaches, framed by woods and dunes offer peaceful walks and lazy days.


Varna is for tourists who need a flair to cooperate with their beach vacation. Bulgaria's third largest city and summer capital has adequate attractions to keep you occupied for days, while enjoyable beaches and warm waters will keep you relaxed for weeks.The earliest processed gold within the history of earth is found within the Varna necropolis dating from the 5th century BC.It's also the biggest antique public building (over 7000 sq. m) ever found in Bulgaria.

Golden Sands Beach

The second biggest resort in the country, but it doesn't feel as overdeveloped as its rival Sunny Beach... yet. Head to Aquapolis, the sole water park in Bulgaria, and an enjoyable experience for all ages,and in particular those with children.

Honorable Mention...

Nessebar may possess the greatest amount of churches per capita on earth. For certain it's loaded with amazing examples of ancient history. An old and new town to explore, there is plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels. A great place to visit and offers a comfortable atmosphere and great beaches.It is very popular with the Western European crowds.

The Black Sea Riviera is affordable and full of life, an ideal summer escape for individuals who would like value for their cash.

When To Go

The optimum time to appreciate the beaches and coast in Bulgaria is between May and September.


The typical summer temperature is approximately 86degF (30degC) with 77degF (25degC) water temperature. September and may the temperature is between 68 - 77degF (20 - 25degC).

Between the towns are excellent public bus connections.
Midrange accommodations: 50 - 80 BGN
Meals: 10 - 15 BGN


Go slightly farther and discover the beautiful Sozopol (7km to the south) to a broad and long beach that's covered in natural sand dunes and fine gold sand. A beach where the atmosphere carries the aroma of both woods and sea.
Check out Sozopol's old town stretching between the shore as well as the seaport.

Exchange cash for the road. Always go to banks or well known travel agencies.
Tip between 5 - 10% if you think the service was good, flashing cash around will bring attention to yourself.
Take a cab, they're known for ripping people off. Ensure that you agree on a cost before you get in, if you want to.

Sozopol has an Archaeological Museum together with the exceptional group of finds. Additionally, it has an Aquarium where typicalmarine life from the Black Sea could be seen. In the very start of each and every fall, Sozopol hosts the Apollonia Arts Festival.

There is a wide choice of coastal resorts to be found along the Black Sea Riviera, and our follow up on Bulgaria beaches gives you plenty of choice where to choose that all important summer holiday.