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Insuring your Holiday Home

insuring your homeSecond home ownership abroad has increased significantly over the past decade and low mortgage interest rates and easier access to finance plans for foreign property. Once ownership has been transferred to you, you need to think about how best to insure your home against a host of risks including burglaries, damage and unforeseen acts.

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Invest in Bulgaria – What’s your strategy?

euro housesOver the last few years the press have reported  on the virtues of the Bulgarian property market, but the question on everyone’s lips is whether this is still a viable market for investment and what opportunities are left for the savvy buyer.

Quest Bulgaria takes an independent look at the state of the market today and investigates investment strategies, which have the potential to generate profit and income in this diverse market.

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Claiming Child Benefit Abroad

Money Devouring Monsters Claiming child benefit abroad can provide a handy payment to receive, and the benefits can make up for a large part of your required income in Bulgaria.

If you have two children you could get around 320 Leva per month, which in Bulgaria is not to be sniffed at. This payment could be over half your Bulgarian monthly food bill, a months petrol for your car and your monthly electricity and water bill. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for this state benefit when they leave the UK. Read on to discover where you stand on this matter.

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Setting up a Cleaning Business

setting up a cleaning businessSetting up a cleaning business can be a work option when moving overseas and also be set up as economical or as expensive as you wish to make it. Several of the most prospering people in the world created companies from absolutely nothing, supported from a mother who cleaned other people's homes for money. If in case you considering setting up a cleaning business we have put together a few points to consider helping your new venture.

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Surviving Retirement

Retirement on Bulgarian Beach Surviving retirement financially for Britons who wish to retire abroad is crucial to ensure where every hard earned penny goes. Many OAPs find that once they retire they are unable to pursue the lifestyle they desire in the UK, where the weather limits the outdoor activities possible and personal safety is not what it used to be.

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Banking in Bulgaria - How it Works

Banking in BulgariaBanking in Bulgaria can be for some a red tape chore which can test the patients of a saint. But however annoying it gets when you are either standing (or sitting) in an extremely slow queue, or signing a stack of papers just to withdraw some money, banking in Bulgaria is usually very efficient and in most cases friendly to its customers.

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Bulgarian Real Estate - Investing for Profit

bulgarian real estateBulgarian real estate has really taken a nose dive over the past few years which have seen sellers reducing their property prices by as much as 50% in some cases just to remain competitive. This has obvious pros and cons depending on which side of the sale you are standing, the buyer has the advantage there's no doubt about it.

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Improve and Discipline Your Finances

calculatorMost of us have our own ideas on dealing with our financial habits and often for many, it leads to problems.

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Buying Mistakes Which Cost

expensive buying mistakesAlthough the credit crunch seems to be in full swing, the appetite for buying property in Bulgaria seems little diminished. The past few years have seen a heavy influx of Russians buyers, and now recently new interest comes from Romania, Siberia and Kazakhstan.

If you're thinking of becoming a Bulgarian property buyer we take a look at the ten most costly buying mistakes which are most frequently made when buying overseas.

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Home Loans in Bulgaria

paperworkFor more than a decade foreigners have been interested in purchasing Bulgarian property. This interest had lead to increasing the number of development companies and the number of new residential complexes and holiday villages.

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