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Taking care of your Bulgarian mortgage

mortgages on bulgarian propertyOnce upon a time there was a mortgage market for foreigners buying property in Bulgaria! It was during 2005-2008. That was a time of marvellous promises for high ROI from developers, pretty websites of investors impressing with fantastic pictures of long beaches and beautiful nature…

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Commercial property in Bulgaria

buying a business in bulgariaThinking of setting up a business in Bulgaria or want to move and have the preferred lifestyle of owning and running your own place? Maybe a bar, a hotel or a bed and breakfast? We investigate the pros and cons of buying an existing business and list a pick of commercial real estate which is currently available on the Bulgarian market.

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Profligacy, the cause of the problem: not in Bulgaria

do the brits think pennies fall from heavenThere are strong cultural and lifestyle differences between Britain and Bulgaria and nowhere is this more obvious than in the realm of money. The personal financial profligacy by Britons is starkly contrasted by their Bulgarian counterparts who exercise financial prudence and healthy money habits. Why are the Bulgarians better at thrift than the Brits?

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Property and Finances


property in bansko bulgaria popularThe National Real Estate Association are reporting positive property signals from the ski resorts in Bulgaria. With the falls in prices during the last year, interest is now increasing 'significantly', says the NREA.

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Getting the Best Property Deal in Bulgaria

negotiating the lowest price for bulgarian propertyWhat can you do to make sure you buy your Bulgarian property at the lowest possible price? When you bought your current property, you probably made an offer which was less than the price you were really willing to go to but you may still have paid more than you needed to.

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Bulgaria Property Hunters in a Recession

how to buy bulgarian property in the recessionWith prices falling, property buyers, particularly those with cash or who can obtain a mortgage, are re-entering the Bulgarian market. When prices nose dive as they have done, buying at a good price is important and easier but it is also just as critical to still buy the right property. Housing recessions come and go and it is sure that this will not be the last, so whatever property you buy you need to make sure you will be able to hold on and ride out the next downturn.

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New Property Insurance Helpline

Jasmine Harman in support of Overseas AssistA new insurance helpline has been launched which removes language barriers for property owners abroad, including Bulgaria. With nine out of ten homeowners abroad unaware who to contact in an emergency, one of the UK’s largest holiday home insurers, Towergate Connect, has launched a helpline fronted by travel celebrity Jasmine Harman, to take the stress out of crises abroad. The new service, ‘Overseas Assist’, includes a Pass the Phone interpretation service and a 24-hour Domestic Emergency Helpline, enabling thousands of Brits to overcome the difficulties that language barriers and foreign procedures can cause in the event of an emergency, as well as everyday living.

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How Healthy Are Your Finances

british expats in bulgaria take care of financesAmidst the crisis, it is easy to miss the signals that the Bulgarian property market has pretty much reached bottom and we should be able to look forward improvement in 2010. This is because we are nearly all feeling the pinch and our pockets are not as full as they were and the pound to euro exchange rate is not helping those who rely on sterling for their income. Nonetheless, those who have bought Bulgarian property, or are seeking to become expats in Bulgaria, are usually buying a home for lifestyle reasons such as the incredibly low cost of living, lack of violence and better way of life.

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Bulgaria: Cost of Living 2009

the cost of living in bulgariaHow much does it cost to live in Bulgaria? Further to our most popular article, The Cost of Living 2008 , which has been read thousands and thousands of times since we published it in September of last year, we thought we would bring you an update on an basket of some items here in Bulgaria compared to those back in the UK, together with the real life monthly property and living costs of an expat couple living in the country on a permanent basis.

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Bulgaria Property Owners: Rentals

creativity is the key to more rentals this yearIt has recently been reported by Holiday Rentals that Bulgaria is the best destination in Europe for a self catering holiday. Apart from cheap property rentals, the cost of living is staggeringly low and won't make a dent in your visitors' holiday cash. More good news is that almost a quarter of all overseas holidays are taken in privately owned properties and more than 70% of these are booked online.

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