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Expats and Money

expats unlikely to return to ukTwo thirds of expats feel that the economic situation in their new country of residence is better than in the UK. The figures released from Halifax International also reveal that one third of expats believe the value of their property abroad has remained the same since January last year.

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Property and Contents Insurance

insure your propertyIf you have bought a property to rent out, then you do need to give careful consideration to contents insurance. There are a number of both local and international insurance companies in Bulgaria. The process of applying for insurance can seem more complex when compared to how it is dealt with in the UK. However, this is primarily because you will need to provide a more detailed account of the risk that you want to cover. Jonathan White author of “Buying a Property in Bulgaria” gives some valuable advice on tackling this issue.

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Looking to the Future: Pension Planning

looking to retirement‘Living the dream,’ the catchall for getting out of the UK rat race and emigrating to warmer climes is often a misnomer. Whilst expats to Bulgaria maintain that quality of life is certainly much improved by a move here, everyday reality soon returns once you have settled in and the country starts to feel like home. Most expats under retirement age have bills to pay and an income to earn, kids to enroll in school and medical issues to sort out, but one area that keeps getting pushed to the back of our minds, or worse still not even thought about is pension planning.

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Financial Crisis: How are Bulgarians Doing?

bulgarians doing well in the financial crisisThe global financial crisis has not affected Bulgarian households, according to a recent report which has been issued on the financial situation of Bulgarians during the last quarter of 2008. The survey is by Bulgaria's Industry Watch and comprises data from the Bulgarian National Bank, the National Statistics Institute and the Financial Supervisory Commission, together with information from mutual and volunteer pension funds.

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Creative Way to Buy Bulgaria Property: House Swap

property swap in bulgariaIf your dream is to start a new life in Bulgaria, but you feel you can’t get away because of the depressed UK housing market, or the fact that banks just aren’t lending like they used to then you need to consider a more creative way to buy your dream property in Bulgaria.  We all know that there is a shortage of buyers out there for our UK property but this does not mean there is no way out; many people are exploring the concept of house swaps.

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Creative Ways to Buy Bulgarian Property: Part Two

ways to buy bulgarian propertyQuest Bulgaria takes a look at a variety of creative options for buying and selling property in Bulgaria in a three part series covering owner financing, lease to buy and house swapping. In this second article we take a look at a more advantageous way to rent a property with a view to buying it outright. This form of financing is often referred to as leasing or rent-to-own and might be just what you are waiting for to speed up the right outcome for you.

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Emigrating with State Benefits

benefit entitlementMany people who consider emigrating to Bulgaria are confused about what state benefits they can claim as an expat. With more and more people choosing to leave the UK for good this has become a hot topic and the good news is there are quite a few benefits that you are legally entitled to whilst living permanently in Bulgaria.

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Transferring Money to Bulgaria

transferring moneyIf you are considering investing in property in Bulgaria then it is wise to learn all about the ins and outs of transferring money because there are going to be many incidences when you are going to need to make money transfers to your Bulgarian bank account. Jonathan White author of “Buying a Property in Bulgaria” gives some valuable advice on tackling this issue.

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Bulgarian Property Market Potential 2009

mortgages and the credit crunchThe media hype about the global financial crisis has had everyone panicking about current investments particularly those abroad. The questions remains as to whether it is still a good time to take out a mortgage on a Bulgarian property. Alistair Riddle, Credit Manager of Piraeus Bank London enlightens us on how the global credit crisis has affected the mortgage market and what the outlook for the future is.

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Mortgages for Bulgarian Property

differences with a bulgarian mortgageWhat are the differences between UK mortgages and mortgages in Bulgaria? If you are considering obtaining a Bulgarian mortgage, in general it is really no different to the UK. The loan is secured against the property. Application for the loan is made together with supporting documentation for proof of income. The property is valued by a valuer appointed by the bank. Your mortgage will be approved if everything meets the lender's criteria. However, there are some interesting differences which are important to understand!

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