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The Decision - Permanent, Holiday or Investment Home

Many relocate permanently to Bulgaria for the change in lifestyle, not a fast way to make a profit. Bulgaria can offer you a lot of house for your money, and a considerably cheaper cost of living than most other E.U countries.

Bulgaria offers a wide diversity of locations to choose from, there is almost something to suit everyone when choosing an area to invest in.

Be aware of a change of culture, Bulgaria is not for everyone, so sample the lifestyle first by renting for a few months and truly test what it is like and if it is for you. Committing to a rural life may turn out not to suit you, and you may prefer the busier city life, research various parts of Bulgaria to find the right place to suit you.


Is the property for both your own use and rentals at other times?

This is a popular idea with foreigners but also a market that is flooded, and for many landlords at the moment not as profitable as once was.

In today's market you have to stay ahead of the game and have plenty to offer tourists, this can be difficult if you are not living there. Advertise special extras including Food on arrival, a bottle of wine, a swimming pool, peaceful location - are all ways of drawing in visitors.

No doubt many friends and family will book your holiday rental, and often word gets around to others outside of this circle.
Other ways of marketing your rental is through holiday companies that come with annual fees and commissions for alterations to prices and dates. Having a website built of your own is also worth considering promoting your rental. In today's economic climate many businesses can not have enough advertising.

Be prepared to employ a reputable property management company to deal with the necessary from handling of keys, cleaning and gardening for change over day, security issues and repairs. These both can be expensive, and reflects in the price of the rent you charge for the property. Promote special rates for traditional holidays, such as 'Easter', 'Spring', 'Book early' and 'save money' or 'late deals'. The list is endless of ideas to draw in potential customers.

If living in Bulgaria permanently a small income can be made from holiday rentals. Having something different may help keep you a step a head, Questbg has put a list of ideas for promoting holiday rentals:

A city apartment needs to have a rural location to escape to when the noise gets too much, so put together a list of places to visit in the surrounding area.

A fishing lake, possibly with rare birds, hires a small boat and includes packed lunches.

A small holding often attract families from cities, get visitors involved with daily chores, collecting eggs, milking a cow. Riding a donkey, small pony or walking a dog are great activities for families want a taste of the country life and to get away from it all.

A nature reserve and offer guided walks, a chance to explore the vast variety of fauna, flora and wildlife.

Photography and painting breaks for enthusiasts wanting to pursue a specialised subject to enjoy.

Cookery skills in English and Bulgarian could be promoted on a 'Special Week'.

Healthy eating and Boot camp style getaways to help those trying to lose weight. With Bulgaria's countryside there are plenty of advantages to get fit by walking,cycling or swimming in the lakes and rivers.

If the sea is close by, offer a taxi service for guests if they want days or nights out with a drink, after all they are on holiday and having a reliable shuttle service can bring customers back each year. If visitors get tired of the sea make sure you can inform them of what else is in the area to see.

Whatever decision you choose, when buying in Bulgaria, ensure you do plenty of research. There are many points to consider, earning an income, healthcare, schools and the slower ways of getting things sorted. Try to learn the language, and mix with locals to integrate; it will make life easier and less frustrating.