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INTERAMERICAN - All You Need For Insurance

If your are searching for that all important insurance cover,and a company that covers

all aspects including Home, Life and Medical insurance our current advertiser Interamerican gives you the opportunity to obtain all of them. Here we have an indepth presentation of the company and their services explained.

INTERAMERICAN BULGARIA ZEAD has been on the Bulgarian insurance market since 1998. This is the first insurance company, founded with foreign capital. For ten years on the Bulgarian market, the company has established 64 agencies, offices and affiliated offices in Bulgaria. The company offers a broad spectrum of insurances under attractive conditions and comprehensive insurance coverage: Fire and natural disasters, Property damages, Motor CASCO, mandatory MTPL, Accident (group and individual), CARGO, Road Assistance (with first-class assistance provided by EURO CROSS), TPL, Employer's liability and Professional liabilities, Carrier's Liability, Agricultural insurance, CMR and Electronic Equipment.

Since August 1st 2008 the Company has been offering life products on the Bulgarian market through its new life company which is called Interamerican Bulgaria Life Insurance EAD. The focus is on highly profitable insurances. Such a product is the combination of a standard life insurance with investment in investment funds („Unit-linked"). The other products the life company offers are „Easy life" and „When I grow up" and risk insurances "Protection" and "Protection+". Even though traditional, the "Easy life" insurance includes quite a lot innovative coverage - for example pregnancy and parturition. The long insurance period - up to 25 years and flexible additional coverage is worth considering in "When I grow up".

The personnel of both companies consist of highly qualified employees with long experience in the insurance area. The employees of the company are trained to work with clients in line with the international standards of the insurance business. INTERAMERICAN BULGARIA has a constantly developing and well-trained agent's network with the purpose of providing services to the clients in a fast and professional way. The main task of the employees and agents of INTERAMERICAN is to turn the name of INTERAMERICAN into a symbol of care, trust and good services.

INTERAMERICAN BULGARIA ZEAD AND INTERAMERICAN BULGARIA LIFE INSURANCE EAD are part of the European Financial and Insurance holding EUREKO GROUP, registered in Utrecht the Netherlands. EUREKO B.V. operates on the markets of nine European countries: the Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, Slovakia, Turkey and Russia with personnel of more than 20 000 employees. The main shareholder of EUREKO is Achmea, the oldest insurance company and market leader in the Netherlands. RABO BANK one of the biggest Dutch banks is one of the shareholders in EUREKO B.V. as well. The philosophy of EUREKO is to establish an integrated Pan-European financial group, consisting of companies - leaders on their markets providing local solutions of shared goals. According to the evaluation of Standard & Poor's, EUREKO Group has a А stable rating and a written gross insurance premium income for 2010 at the amount of EUR 19.8 billion and the net profit is record-breaking - EUR 1.2 billion. Through its operating companies EUREKO B.V. provides its clients and partners with a full range of insurance services in the area of life and non-life business, health insurance as well as pension products. EUREKO B.V. has significant experience in the management and banking, as well.



• Our clients' trust is first;
• Correct and professional provision of services;
• Prompt and adequate payment of insurance indemnity;
• Insurance services according to the European standards;
• 24-hour opportunity to register insurance events;
• Stable reinsurance program with the purpose of providing maximum security to the clients;
• Reliable and adequate insurance protection of personal and business interests of the clients.


Each client of Home property insurance of Interamerican has a 24-hour access to Home Help in top five big cities in Bulgaria. The Insurance Company provides prompt assistance of high quality by sending an electrician, water supply and sewerage specialist, locksmith and glazier to remove damages to the insured property.
"On spot inspection" is another unique service provided by IAB which is an extra service to the Combined CASCO insurance. Instead of the client waiting for inspection in the office of the Insurer, an expert of the company makes the inspection on spot. Interamerican Assistance EAD "Road assistance" service, provides prompt and competent road assistance regardless of whether it's a matter of an insurance event, change of tires, petrol or power supply. Each client of IAB can be provided with information or professional assistance on the road provided by Interamerican Assistance, by dialing 0 700 12 680 (for all mobile operators). No limitations in the number of calls! The network of INTERAMERICAN ASSISTANCE covers the main roads and built-up areas through its specialized cars located on the territory of the whole country.