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Bulgarian Real Estate - Investing for Profit

Bulgarian real estate has really taken a nose dive over the past few years which have seen sellers reducing their property prices by as much as 50% in some cases just to remain competitive. This has obvious pros and cons depending on which side of the sale you are standing, the buyer has the advantage there's no doubt about it.

If you have the ready cash to invest and you can afford to sit it out long term then you should consider investing your money in Bulgarian real estate.

Bulgaria's property market has recently suffered to the point of almost collapse as foreign investors have seemed to become a rare sight in estate agent offices around the country. Now however there are increasing signs of positivity in what once was a thriving business for property developers and sellers alike.

What it Means to the Investor

In an ideal world the golden opportunity to invest in property or land would certainly be at that crucial short term gap in the market when there is growing interest in the property market and prices are still low. Some of Bulgaria's biggest names in the business are saying that there are signs that the time has come!

What Should I Buy?

Without a doubt, the best in bargain properties at this time are from renovated resale's where you can bag a bargain house which is ready to move in to from as little as 20,000 euro's. As long as the property is taken care of in terms of maintenance etc then the investment will pay off with a healthy return, possibly in as little as 5 years.

Bargains can also be found with apartments in areas of the Black Sea Cost and the Bulgarian ski resorts. Sunny Beach, Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo have apartment prices at lower than the original construction cost.

What Next?

If investing is for you then first of all do your homework and take advice from others who have embarked on the same course of action. Take a look at our Bargain Property Sales where our real estate partners have thousands of properties to choose from.

We have an abundance of quality articles which will provide almost everything you need to help make the choice for investing in Bulgarian Real Estate