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Medical Insurance Tips For Foreigners

This type of insurance covers variety of unforeseeable and unplanned medical costs during your visit in foreign country as result of illness or accident. The policy is often offered with assistant from a company such as Euro Cross International that has wide spread over Europe and worldwide.



The insurance covers the following:

Medical costs needed for ambulatory treatment and a stay in hospital
Medical repatriate and repatriate of mortal remains
Urgent dental treatment
Urgent evacuation and life saving surgery
Delivery of notifications


The additional covers that could be taken are as follows:
Death as result of accident abroad
Theft or lost of luggage
Third party liability

The minimum period of the insurance is 3 days and the maximum one is 1 year. The minimum limit of liability is 2000 EUR and the maximum one is 75000 EUR.

The advantage that a foreign citizen in Bulgaria could enjoy from taking such insurance is that he will be guaranteed that in case of need 100% of his costs will be covered by the insurer, he could rely on 24 hours assistance in relation to medical care and assistance from the insurance company

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