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The 90 Day Rule

If are an EU citizen and you want to stay in Bulgaria for more than 90 days, here are the rules which apply. As you'll see they are pretty much the same as in any EU country. The old situation pre-EU of only being allowed to stay in Bulgaria for 30 days without obtaining a visa is no longer applicable.

You can now stay in Bulgara for up to 90 days in any six month period on just your passport or ID card. It is important to know how this 90 days in six months is calculated.

If for example, you have been in Bulgaria for the month of June, returned to your home country for July, came back to Bulgaria for August and September, then back home for October and want to come back for November, you will have exceeded the 90 days in any six month period rule. You cannot back to back the six months, it is a rolling period.

In order to calculate this for yourself, take the date you will be last in Bulgaria and calculate six months back from this date. Then work out how many days you will have been in Bulgaria during this time.

For longer periods, or to reside in Bulgaria full time, all you need to do is apply for a long stay residency permit once you are in Bulgaria. This is a straightforward and simple process

This residency permit should be applied for at your local police station's immigration department within the 90 day period. Long stay residency is for a period of up to five years and you will need the following supporting documents.

Passport (with six months validity left on it)
Proof that you can support yourself financially (letter from bank, work contract, company documents)
Proof of health insurance (EHIC, Private Insurance)
Marriage, birth certificate for family members
A receipt to show that you have paid any government taxes due in Bulgaria
Proof of residence (copy of your deeds, rental contract)

You should be charged a flat rate of 7 lv plus a nominal fee for administration charges.

You will get your residency permit the same day. If all of your documents are not in order you have seven days in which to reapply.