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Jamie Oliver Dumplings | Without Suet

jamie oliver dumplingsIf you love dumplings but cannot find suet to make your own, try this easy beautiful Jamie Oliver dumplings recipe using flour as a substitute for suet. What’s more is that this recipe can also be enjoyed by the vegetarians among us.

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Fig Jam

figsThis is the time of year in Bulgaria where those with fig trees should be harvesting them, and those without should consider buying the wonderful, ripe figs currently at market. What to do with all these natures of wonder?

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Kufteta Recipe

Kufteta on the barbecueAs summer starts to creep into Bulgaria, thoughts automatically turn to the Barbecue. Kufteta is a traditional Bulgarian dish which is served all year round - similar in taste to a spicy meatball or a homemade burger ... perfect over a charcoal grill! A firm favourite with adults and children alike, tasty, filling and not expensive to make. Eaten by the Bulgarians at home all summer, you too can make this simple recipe to charm your family and friends.

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The Bulgarian Reverence of Bread

Bulgarian Christmas BreadFor Bulgarians, bread is the stuff of life. You'll see bread revered at weddings and festivals such as Easter and Christmas. There was even a national conference about the business of making bread, its quality and price, attended by bakers, retailers and government representatives.

White, wheat and brown were the only kinds of bread available to the Bulgarians as little as three years ago. Bread has come a long way since, with a huge variety of bread now available on the retailers shelves. Up to 40 brands are now on display.

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How to Make Delicious, Homemade Yogurt

how to make delicious homemade yogurtDo you like to eat yogurt? Next to ice cream, yogurt is one of the most popular dairy items around. It's a very nourishing food that can actually help cure some ailments.

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Step by Step Pumpkin Seed Recipes

pumpkin seed recipesThe appearance of pumpkins on the market signals one thing in Bulgaria

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Pumpkin Banitsa

pumpkin banitsa Banitsa is a popular, traditional pastry that is eaten for breakfast in Bulgaria. They can be either savoury or sweet, and are delicious served warm when bought fresh from the street kiosks in towns and cities.

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Courgette And Potato Soup

courgettepotatosoupAs the cooler weather approaches in Bulgaria this hearty, warming soup is there to be enjoyed  this winter, using simple ingredients and taking little time to prepare.

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Summer Cold Tomato Soup



This is a wonderful soup for those hot Bulgarian summers and makes a great alternative to tarator soup,and a good way to help use up the abundunce of those tomatoes from your garden.

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Lactobacillus Bulgaricus (Bulgarian Yogurt)

Lactobacillus BulgaricusLactobacillus Bulgaricus, known to most of us as Bulgarian yogurt is said to be the finest quality yogurt in the world.

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