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Bargain Balti`s in Bulgaria

Bargain Balti's in BulgariaNormally our recipes feature traditional Bulgarian dishes, however, often when living overseas, one gets the odd craving for a taste of home! It's not easy here to find really good Indian food unless you are prepared to drive to Sofia or Varna and eat in an Indian restaurant. Here's our recipe for a cheap, authentic tasting, Chicken Balti. In this recipe I'm using leftover chicken from a roast. One essential ingredient in this dish is a Balti Spice Mix available in Bulgaria from the British Lion Food Store, along with many other spice mixes for other indian dishes (Korma, Rogan Josh, Jalfrezi, etc.).

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Beauty lies in the hands of the beer holder

thirst quencher!Beer, the world’s most popular and best selling alcoholic drink is often taken for granted. Yet scientific analysis shows that a glass of beer has within it as many aromas and flavours as fine wine. In Bulgaria beer is a drink relegated to a place somewhere below rakiya and wine; yet the average Bulgarian sups a total of 70 litres of beer a year, which is on a par with the average Spaniard or Dutchman. Bulgarian brews are increasing in popularity and are starting to make their mark on the international beer market. 

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Khan Krum, Traminer

khan krum vineyardsTraminer is a hybrid grape variety that produces an aromatic fruity white wine. It’s high natural sugar content means that it lends itself well as both a dessert wine and an accompaniment to many main courses. Bulgaria offers the ideal climate and soil for Traminers and consequently they feature high on many leading white wine producers portfolio. If you are not familiar with this grape variety and are worried that it will be too sweet, give it a try, its fantastic with a curry and is more of a dry wine than overly sweet.

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Varna - Best International Restaurants

fine dining in varnaVarna, the sea capital of Bulgaria and voted ‘Best Place to Live’ for numerous years in a row has a wealth of excellent restaurants both traditional and international. Varna is a city where you could dine at a different restaurant every day for a year and still have change from your salary as well as a few pounds round your middle. We take a look at some of the city’s best international restaurants.

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Traditional Bulgarian Restaurants on the Northern Coast

izvore kranevoOne of the best things about Bulgaria is the low cost of food and the enormous selection of fresh organic produce and fine local wines. Good restaurants take advantage of these assets and still the price for a meal for two with a bottle of wine amounts to no more than 25 lv. The towns around the Northern Black Sea coast have a wide selection of traditional and international eateries offering excellent cuisine at very reasonable prices, the key to finding them is to stay out of the beach resorts and head into the towns themselves.

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Merlot Todoroff “Teres,” Vintage 2003

teres, award winning wineBoutique wines are the latest buzz word on the Bulgarian wine scene and the country is not lacking in contenders thanks to the likes of boutique vintner, Todoroff who maintain that their craft of “Wine and Art” is a key contribution to promoting Bulgarian culture and spirit. Certainly in terms f wine production this house is one to watch; it has a string of awards under its belt and a selection of brands that can hold their won at any tasting.

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Welcome to Bulgaria’s Chocolate Heaven

bulgarian chocolateIf you are down in the dumps because of all the hype about the poor state of the global economy, then chomp on a bar of chocolate to bring back the feel-good factor.  Eating chocolate has a wealth of proven health benefits; it acts as a brain stimulator, wards off cancer, prevents coughs and benefits the circulation system. Many people say that it is an aphrodisiac, but this is as yet unproven, what is true is that it chocolate increases the brains levels of serotonin and makes you feel better. Bulgarians are great lovers of chocolate; when the Iron Curtain fell across Eastern Europe many entrepreneurs rushed to set up chocolate companies, many of which are still going strong today.

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Kamenitza, Bulgaria’s Dark Secret

kamenitzaIf you are a beer drinker, then next time you visit Bulgaria, down a glass of Bulgaria’s oldest beer brand Kamenitza. It is not available anywhere else in the world and appeals to both lager and bitter drinkers alike. It is the official sponsor of the Bulgarian national football team and has its own website dedicated to the club. Its main competitor on the domestic market is Bulgaria’s biggest selling beer brand, the Stara Zagora beer Zagorka owned by Dutch brewer Heineken. The brand was recently re-packaged and re-launched in a chic, green bottle, which was more of a unique and trendy perpendicular design. Kamenitza’s dark colour gives it more of a masculine appearance; its taste is substantial as well as having a natural and forceful kick.

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Bulgaria’s Top 10 Wines

bulgarias award winnersAt The Bulgarian Wine of the Year competition organized last November by the Bulgarian wine and food magazine Bacchus, wine connoisseurs listed the following wine as Bulgaria’s finest. Quest Bulgaria gives a description of each wine based on the tasting notes made by the judges during the competition.

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Free: 16 Traditional Bulgarian Recipes

moussaka a bulgarian favourite recipeThe Art of Bulgarian Cuisine is a free download of sixteen traditional Bulgarian Recipes with high quality photographs. Because of Bulgaria's geographical location and her history, Bulgarian cuisine mixes elements of Slavic, Turkish and Greek and is combined with a wealth of local culinary traditions. This combination makes Bulgarian cuisine unique.

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