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Natural Herbs Of Bulgaria

herbsfowersWalk down any country path and you will be astounded at the number of wild plants and herbs that grow wild here.

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Kozunak with Almonds

kozanukeasterbreadKozunak is the traditional bread made for Easter in Bulgaria,the bread is lightly sweet

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Bulgarian Red Wine | Stambolovo Reviewed

Bulgarian Red WineThis beautiful Bulgarian red wine is Incorporated under the legal entity of New Industrial Company JCS, STAMBOLOVO WINERY and HASKOVO WINERY, as well as their vineyards and premises, are situated in South Bulgaria in close proximity to the borders with Greece and Turkey.

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Surviving a Bulgarian market

living in bulgaria, bulgarian marketsMy first experience of shopping in a large Bulgarian market came as something of a shock. I was feeling very proud that I'd worked out how to get there and what time was best; amazed as ever that I had survived a road journey.

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Balanced Diet Menu

balanced diet menuJanuary for most of us signifies following new resolutions and along with that a new balanced diet menu.

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Bulgarian Cuisine

baklavaCenturies of tradition make up traditional Bulgarian cuisine, which has been greatly influenced by its neighbours particularly Greece and Turkey and to a lesser extent by  the Middle East, Italy, Hungary and the Mediterranean countries.

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Holiday Recipes for Christmas - Medenki Biscuits

MedenkiHoliday Recipes for Christmas - Medenki Biscuits are home-made biscuits which form a very large part of Bulgarian Christmas festivities. There are many versions available but this is the traditional one using Bulgarian honey. These easy to make biscuits are a firm favourite with children and adults alike!

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Best Wood for Smoking Turkey | A Christmas Culinary Delight

 best wood for smoking turkeyThe best wood for smoking turkey is without a doubt a choice between apple and cherry. These two hardwoods are perfect for flavouring your Christmas turkey. But why would you want to go to the trouble of smoking the turkey?


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Living in Bulgaria: Cheap Cuts for Tough Times

making meat go further in bulgariaEven in Bulgaria meat can be a relatively expensive way to feed the family and those looking to cut costs in these strapped-for-cash times are buying less. But for those who still crave their daily portion of meat on the table, there are ways to manage with a limited budget. Today's generation has lost the skills of how to make meat go further. Our grandmothers new something we do not - you can feed meals with meat to a great number of people at very little cost.

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Bulgarian Cheese

bulgarian cheesesHere we take a look at the most popular traditional Bulgarian cheese, and their uses.

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