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Rice with Black Olives

ricewithblackolivesThis is a quick, simple and inexpensive recipe to prepare, and a popular dish eaten in both the Bulgarian home and traditional restaurants. It can be served hot or cold and is a good side dish to most meals, in particular the Bulgarian favourite Kavarma.





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Mussel Farming in Bulgaria

black sea musselsMussels have been a healthy source of food for thousands of years. Today they form part of the Bulgarian diet; they are extremely versatile and can be severed smoked, steamed, fried, boiled or in a batter. Mussels should be cleaned efficiently and checked to ensure that they are alive because they quickly become toxic when dead and can cause paralytic shellfish poisoning due to the concentrated toxins. The way to check if a mussel is alive is to study it when it is exposed to the air; if it is alive it closes tightly when disturbed.

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Delicious BaklavaBaklava is a very sweet and delicious dessert - and one that goes perfect with a strong espresso coffee. Whilst this is a popular dessert here in Bulgaria, the origins are probably somewhat further south as the Greeks claim it as Greek and the Turks also claim it as Turkish!

There are many variations of this recipe and this is my own version which seems just about right. This may not be the easiest to prepare recipe on this web site, but it is truly worth the effort ... enjoy!



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Delicious Bulgarian SarmiBulgarian Sarmi are leaves of various kinds, stuffed with a mixture based on either meat or rice. Certain regions use lettuce or vine leaves and the most common variation is pickled cabbage leaves.

If you are preparing this out of Bulgaria, then use any kind of cabbage leaves!

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Cabernet Sauvignon - Chateau Shivatchevo

Chateau Shivatchevo Cabernet SauvignonA Bulgarian wine that boasts as much about the barrel as the region must be something special. In fact, the barrel is made from American oak and it plays a significant role in bringing out the wine’s unique flavour.

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is one we all know, having been a staple in many wine-producing regions for years. However, this grape thrives in warmer climes and is particularly well suited to the Balkan’s southern slopes.

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Balkan Foods

balkan foodsBalkan foods are a delectable combination involving the traditional European flavours and the richness of Asian spices and aroma. The Balkans sit on the crossroads of the middle of Europe and Asia, and their good weather provides excellent conditions for a wide range of tasty dishes.

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Bulgarian MoussakaThis traditional dish makes a hearty winter meal. Bulgarian Moussaka is quite similar to its 'Greek' counterpart and comes in 3 varieties: aubergine, courgette, or this one, the more well-known potato.

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Healthy Things to Eat

healthy things to eatFinding healthy things to eat can be a challenge in our modern world of fast food, junk food and processed food. Everywhere you look there are lots of attractive foods that are bad for the health! This information is going to steer you to what types of healthy things to eat to perk up your health.

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Recipe Using Bulgarian Yogurt - Snezhanska salad

recipe-with-yogurtThis is an easy recipe using Bulgarian yogurt, and there are many variations of this recipe from all over the Balkan regions. Snezhanska is Bulgaria's version and similar to the Greek version tsatziki. Snezhanska means "snow white" and is a drier version of Bulgaria's Tarator.

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Xmas Day Lunch - Bulgaria

turkeylunchXmas day lunch - Perhaps you are thinking of putting up your Christmas decorations and are in the middle of the arduous task of Christmas shopping,

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