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Cost of Living in Bulgaria

shoppingtrolley2What is the cost of living in Bulgaria for 2013? We decided to bring you an update on supermarket shopping in Bulgaria, with prices on a variable choice of foods.

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Bulgaria`s Health Drinks


ayranAyran is a very popular drink in Bulgaria, mainly drank in the summer when temperatures are high and a cold, refreshing drink is needed. Unlike many cold beverages that are usually full of additives and sugar, like Coca Cola and Lemonade, Ayran is an incredibly healthy drink made from yoghurt, salt and water only.

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Boyar Reserve Merlot

Glass of Bulgarian MerlotCompany Profile
Domaine Boyar was founded in 1991 and quickly established a leading presence in the major European wine markets. In 2000, the company merged with Vinprom Rousse and acquired as a major shareholder, the Seaboard Corporation of Kansas. Following the merger the group changed its name to Boyar Estates. Boyar Estates is the leading producer and supplier of Bulgarian wine, including the Blueridge and Domaine Boyar brands. Boyar Estates is committed to taking Bulgarian wines forward successfully in the 21st century.

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Bulgarian Roasted Peaches


Peach trees are found in abundance throughout the summer in Bulgaria.


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Moules a la Marinière - Bulgarian Style!

Moules Mariniere Bulgarian StyleFurther to our recent article about Mussel farming in Bulgaria (Click to Read...) we thought we would bring you this classic French recipe which not only makes the most of this fabulous fresh seafood, but also the organic fresh herbs available here in Bulgaria.

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Zrial Fassoul

Bulgarian Zrial FassoulThis recipe is traditional Bulgarian, and not only makes best use of the fabulous organic vegetables here, but is incredibly easy to prepare and doesn't break the bank! Also perfect for our vegetarian members.

The dish can be served hot or cold and can be found on menus in Bulgaria all year round. Can also be served as a starter, a main course, or even a side dish with pork or chicken.





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A Guide to Supermarket Shopping

lots of choice in bulgarian supermarketsSometimes Bulgaria is presented as such an unsophisticated backwater that you may worry that there will not be enough choice in produce or retail outlets. Rest assured that this is not the case.

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Sirene, Bulgaria`s Big Cheese

sireneSirene is the name Bulgarians give to their delicious white cheese, which is a version of the increasingly-popular Greek Feta cheese.

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Collection of Wines - Knights Templar

templarknightmerlotmavrudThis is a special collection of wines, produced and bottled by appointment and licence under the control of Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani - Magnus Prioratus Magistralis Bulgariae.

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A Guide to Bulgarian Honey

nature's giftFor centuries, honey has been revered as a gift from nature – its perfect natural food. In Roman times it was used as a means of currency to pay taxes, in Ancient Greece, girls would dip their fingers into honey before their wedding to ensure a sweet married life and virtually all around the world honey has been used for its medicinal properties. The key feature for lucrative honey production is a rich, diverse plant life coupled with a temperate climate and despite Bulgaria’s small land mass; it offers the perfect conditions for honey production.

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