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Mekitsi - Bulgarian Donuts

mekitsiBread is an important part of a Bulgarian's diet and eaten in one way or another for breakfast. Mekitsi or Bulgarian donuts are deep fried donuts and can be found in all shapes and sizes.

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Panagurishte Poached Eggs

Free range eggsThe town after which this dish is named is Panagurishte (pronounced pan-a-gyoor-ish-te), and if you wanted to order this dish in a restaurant or bar then you would ask for ‘yaitsa po panagyuski’, but to be honest, it could possibly take longer to learn the correct pronunciation as it would to prepare the actual dish!

Whilst extremely quick and easy to prepare, don't be put off, this traditional Bulgarian dish is absolutely delicious and makes perfect use of the wonderful free-range eggs available here.

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Wines for Celebrations

nazdraveThere are always some wines and rakia in Bulgaria which are perfectly matched to a special occasion. Quest Bulgaria recommends reds, whites and a special rakia, which will make your celebration unique.

Bulgarian Reds:

Excellent high quality low priced Cabernet Sauvignon and really good Merlot. Bulgaria is quite righly most famed for its red wines.

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Food and Wine Tours

sampling bulgarian culinary delightsBulgarian cuisine has its roots in a wealth of culinary traditions, some fiercely local and others the result of Bulgaria’s rich history of invasion by other cultures like the Slavs, Greeks and Turks. Some foreign dishes have over the centuries been combined with uniquely Bulgarian cooking methods bringing originality and variety to the Bulgarian table. Not everyone wants to scale mountains or dive for wrecks on their vacation and for those who love their grub and want the taste of real Bulgaria, a food and wine tour is the best way to enjoy the wonders of this enchanting land.

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The Rakia Story

nazdrave!No matter how short your stay in Bulgaria, you will soon become acquainted with its national tipple, Rakia. It is a drink similar to Austria’s Schnapps or Italian Grappa, a kind of fruit brandy made from fermented fruits, which are distilled to alcohol levels often in excess of 40%, in fact home-made Rakia usually has an alcohol content of around 50 to 60 percent! Rakia is not only popular in Bulgaria but variations of it are drunk throughout the Balkans.

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Cabbage Soup

cabbagesoupSoups are a very popular dish served throughout Bulgaria, both in the home and on the menus of bistros and restaurants. This is especially apparent at this time of year when the weather is cold and there is a limited supply of fresh vegetables.

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Bulgarian Mish MashMish-Mash is a traditional Bulgarian omelette and a perfect dish for using up all the leftovers in the fridge! The Bulgarian organic ingredients make this a fresh and filling meal and it is often served with thick toasted slices of handmade bread in Bulgarian restaurants.

A really quick and simple recipe which will be popular with all the family, adults and children alike!

Have a go with our easy to follow recipe...



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Creme Caramel

crmecaramelCrème Caramel is one of the most popular desserts in Bulgaria, although it does not originate from Bulgaria. It is a delicious, guilty pleasure and is the perfect treat anytime of the day.

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Spectacular Sliven-A Wine Tasters Paradise

sliven winesIf you are a lover of fine wines then a trip to the the area around the town of Sliven is a must.

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Hearty liver and bacon casserole

homemade liver and bacon casserole recipeFeed your family for less than 1 BGN a head with this hearty liver and bacon casserole. Perfect for these colder days and with a wonderful aroma in the kitchen. The recipe will feed six people. Serve with a mountain of fluffy buttery mash!

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