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Bulgarian Sausage Recipe

bulgarian sausage recipeA popular Bulgarian sausage recipe found throughout the country is kebabche. They are a tasty spiced, minced meat grilled sausage. Kebabche is a cylinder shaped rissole typically made from a mix of beef and pork, and a selection of spices.

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Vegetarian Snacks Recipes

vegetarian snacks recipesIn Bulgaria, there are a range of vegetarian snacks recipes that you can choose from. You don't even have to be a vegetarian to enjoy them either because they are very delicious. Thanks to the variety of fruits and vegetables in Bulgaria, it's relatively easy to follow a vegetarian diet here.

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Bulgaria's Oldest Beer - Kamenitza

kamenitzabottleIf you are a beer drinker, then next time you visit Bulgaria, down a glass of Bulgaria's oldest beer brand Kamenitza.

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The Secrets of Bulgarian Yoghurt

bulgarian yoghurtIt is believed that yoghurt was invented in Bulgaria when shepherds put their daily drink of sheep’s milk into their lambskin bags. The bags were slung around their body and the heat given off caused the milk to ferment and turn into yoghurt. Whatever the story there is enough evidence to prove that it was a major part of the Bulgarian diet as far back as 1500 BC when the Thracians ruled the country.

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Indian Restaurant Kohinoor

indian restaurant kohinoor foodDo you crave for Indian food? Well why not visit the superb authentic Indian Restaurant Kohinoor, the top Indian restaurant in Bulgaria. Kohinoor Restaurant is conveniently located in the centre of Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. It offers an extensive range of authentic Indian dishes that will satisfy your appetite for this delicious cuisine.

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Bulgarian Lukanka - A Spicy Delicacy

bulgarian lukanka a spicy delicacyBulgarian Lukanka is a type of dried sausage and similar to a spicy, strong flavoured salami and very common in the Bulgarian cuisine.

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The Best Foods to Experience While in Bulgaria

tortaBulgarian cuisine is typically Slavic in nature, with a heavy focus on rich, filling foods that can keep you warm during the winter months. What surprises many first-time visitors is the sheer diversity of Bulgarian dishes, ranging from meaty stews to colourful salads, wholesome baked goods and delicious desserts.

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Bulgarian Dishes | Kavarma

kavarmaBulgarian dishes such as Kavarma have a rich, spicy meat stew baked in the oven in traditional earthen ware pots called gyuveche.

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A Feast On Wild Pickings

wildraspberriesBulgaria's countryside is brimming with edible wild berries. They grow between spring and autumn by the roadsides, in the forests and on the meadows.

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Cooling TaratorThe summer heatwave across Bulgaria makes this cooling Bulgarian yoghurt and cucumber soup absolutely perfect if you need to cool down! However, don't be put off by the fact this is a cold soup, on a hot day or a warm late summer's evening, it makes a very pleasant starter or a refreshing snack. Plus, it's perfect for vegetarians!

Making the very best of Bulgaria's 'bio' produce and its world-famous natural yoghurt, this dish is so simple to prepare and yet incredibly delicious.



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