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Cheese Banitsa

cheesebanitsaCheese Banitsa is a popular and delicious cheese pastry eaten throughout Bulgaria.

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Chicken Liver Sarma

chickenliversarmaChicken Livers are used in a variety of dishes in Bulgarian cuisine; here is a simple and tasty meal that everyone will enjoy.

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Bulgarian Style Russian Salad

Russian salad is served in the winter in Bulgariabulgarianstylerussiansalad near to Christmas and the New Year period, where families gather together to celebrate with food and drink like other countries.

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Coffee Lovers and Bulgarian Coffee

coffee lovers and bulgariaBulgarians love a shot of their favourite Bulgarian coffee! Wander round any city town or village before everyone starts work and you will see them with their plastic cups, cigarettes and for many a bottle of Coca Cola - an additional wakeup call before a day's work.

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Blueridge Cabernet Sauvignon

blueridge cabernet sauvignonThis is a wine with an attractive deep ruby red colour. Its nose is extremely intense with a charming bouquet of flavours, predominantly ripe fruits of the forest, particularly blackcurrant and raspberry. There is also a hint of vanilla and soft oak, which comes from the way the wine was matured in small barriques. The taste is very complex, with a strong beginning and lasting presence.

This wine is a perfect accompaniment to rich and spicy dishes, red meats, pasta and cheeses and at 13 lv. a bottle it is a wine you can present with pride at any occasion.

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Discovering Bulgaria’s Wine Regions

wine glass looking over Bulgarian vinesBulgaria has a long history of grape growing and wine production, which dates back to the days of the Thracian's. Bulgaria is possibly the first geological region where vines were planted and wine produced. The first vine protection decree was issued here in 2nd century AD as well as the first prohibitionist laws instigated by Bulgarian ruler Khan Krum in the 7th century AD. Experts also attribute the invention of the wine cellar to Bulgarian monks who stored their wine in cool, deep vaults underground.

Wine making traditions continued throughout the Middle Ages and survived Ottoman rule. After the Russian liberation wine making prospered again laying the foundations for today’s viticulture. During Communist rule wine making was nationalized and Bulgarian wines were only available to the Eastern Bloc states.

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Bulgarian Aubergines in Tomato Sauce

Bulgarian Baked Cabbage

bakedcabbageThe months of august and September are busy times for Bulgarian villagers, preserving all their produce from the land and storing for the winter months.

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Chocolate heaven in Bulgaria

chocolates in bulgariaTraditionally expat communities are largely made up of retired couples looking to escape the UK for a more sedate lifestyle whilst living off their hard earned pensions.

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Living in Bulgaria: Cost of One Week's Food

cost of living in bulgaria for two people 2009We are a working couple with no children who enjoy good food. We don't buy 'ready' meals as we find there is little real convenience with them. Not only do they not satisfy us but are full of all sorts of things which can be unidentifiable, preservatives and addditives. We love to eat well with a varied diet and have meat every day. At the end of the week we enjoy a relaxing dinner out in a decent restaurant. Many will have seen the "feed your family for a fiver a day" pitches from Tesco and Sainsbury. Anyone who has tried to do this has certainly found that it really is difficult to do.


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