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Bulgarian Style Russian Salad

Russian salad is served in the winter in Bulgaria near to Christmas and the New Year period, where families gather together to celebrate with food and drink like other countries.

At this time of year fresh vegetables in Bulgaria can be both expensive and sometimes not always available.Locals in villages would traditionaly make this dish by using the vegetables they have pickled through the summer when in abundance. Therefore sustaining them through the harsh winters.This salad is a rich and filling, and a good accompaniment with grilled chicken, pork, burgers and sausages.


500g diced potatoes
200g diced carrots
200g pickled gherkins,cut into small cubes
200g peas
200g mayonnaise
200g diced ham
lemon juice


Boil the vegetables (except gherkins)until just cooked.
Drain and allow to cool.
Mix the vegetables, gherkins, ham and mayonnaise together (add more mayo to suit your taste for consistency)
Chill in the fridge for an hour.
Serve and enjoy!