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Xmas Day Lunch - Bulgaria

Xmas day lunch - Perhaps you are thinking of putting up your Christmas decorations and are in the middle of the arduous task of Christmas shopping,

but your bank account is crying out credit crisis at the expense of this costly celebration, take a look at how much Christmas costs in Bulgaria.

With a lower cost of living in Bulgaria it is cheaper to celebrate here than at home and the commercialism that goes hand in hand with a Western style Christmas is not as prevalent here leaving you to relax and enjoy the things that matter - good food and fantastic company.

Xmas day lunch - Bulgaria
Turkey with all of the trimmings can be much cheaper here than abroad and with the increase in the number of shops selling produce from the West it is no longer difficult to obtain those items, which make Christmas lunch that little bit more special. Additionally, most produce sold in Bulgaria is organically grown or in the case of the good old Christmas turkey, reared free range and fed on a diet free from chemicals and if you spend Christmas in a Bulgarian village there are plenty of villagers happy to sell you one of their turkeys. For our Xmas Day Lunch we have tried to replicate a typical British Christmas and all prices reflect those in local Bulgarian food stores - there are a couple of things we just couldn't buy in the Bulgarian stores and these are stuffing - we've allowed for you to make your own and the good old Christmas Pud. Instead we have substituted some delicious éclairs and a cheese board. If you were to spend Christmas here, all is not lost on this front - there are several English food stores, like British Lion Food Store which sell Christmas pudding and Cake as well as Paxo stuffing!

The cost has been given in Bulgarian Leva and gives you an idea of what the price comes to for Xmas day  Lunch compared to other countries, take the time to use the exchange rate and compare what your Xmas shopping food bill totals for the festive period.

Here the price has been calculated into Leva at an exchange rate of 2.41 Leva to the pound. Why not compare what your Christmas Day has cost and convert it into Leva to notice the difference in countries prices.

Smoked salmon 100 g 7.99 lv.
Fresh organic turkey 5 kg 30.00 lv.
Homemade sage and onion stuffing 100 g 2.25 lv
Potatoes 2.5 kg 3.50 lv.
Sprouts 300 g 3.00 lv.
Carrots 1 kg 1.00 lv.
Cranberry Sauce 300 g 4.90 lv.
Chipolata Sausages 320 g 4.00 lv.
Tangerines 2 kg 3.00 lv.
Walnuts 400 g 7.00 lv. - or free from local villagers
Peanuts 125 g 1.55 lv.
Chestnuts 1 k g 4.79 lv.
Figs 125 g 2.50 lv.
Dates 250 g 2.50 lv.
Bulgarian Feta Cheese 200 g 1.79 lv.
Bulgarian Yellow Cheese 250 g 2.80 lv.
Blue veined cheese 250 g 4.50 lv.
Butter 250 g 2.50 lv.
Mini Chocolate Éclairs 250 g 3.50 lv.
Cream Crackers 100 g 1.00 lv.
Total Cost: Bulgaria 91.57 lv

Drink and Be Merry
No Christmas would be complete without a well stocked drinks cabinet and we've thrown in 200 ciggies! Alcohol in Bulgaria is cheap and of excellent quality. Whether you like a tipple or not, you will always need something to offer guests when they call round and whilst you might think there will not be many guests to your Bulgarian home, there will if nothing else be the local Christmas Committee, the Koledari to entertain you with songs and bell ringing and to coax you into sharing a glass of Rakia with them.

Rakia 0.7 l. 7.99 lv.
Party Box Saint Ilia (Red, white and rose) 3 l. 7.99 lv.
Domaine Boyar Chardonnay 0.75 l. 5.99 lv.
Sparkling Wine 0.75 l. 3.49 lv.
Kamenitza Beer 2 l. 2.60 lv.
Bulgarian Vodka 1 l. 11.00 lv.
Scotch Whisky 1 l. 16.89 lv.
Orange Juice 1 l. 1.69 lv.
Coca Cola 2 l. 2.29 lv.
Nescafe 250 g 10.49 lv.
Bulgarian brand cigarettes 200 45.00 lv.
Total Cost: Bulgaria  115.42 lv

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly
The festivities would not be complete without a tree and house adorned with Christmas decorations. As Bulgarian marketers sell Christmas as a commercial event, stores like Metro, Carrefour, Lidl,  Billa, Kaufland, Piccadilly now sell a wide range of attractive Christmas decorations. Real Christmas trees can be purchased here but there is not a great deal of vendors. Christmas crackers with novelty and corny jokes have recently arrived so if this your traditional British table adornment of a traditional Christmas then share them with your neighbours! In return ask your Bulgarian neighbour to make a Christmas Banitsa, which contains little pieces of foil with prophecies for the coming year inside.

Artificial Christmas tree 2 metres 35.99 lv
Baubles 25 pieces 7.99 lv.
Fairy Lights 100 10.00 lv.
Door Wreath 20 cm 9.99 lv.
Tinsel per 1 m 1.00 lv.
Total cost Bulgaria  64.97 lv

By our calculations, the cost of Christmas in Bulgaria is 270.61 lv.

Please note the costs are an average price as many food stores have offers on during this time of year and with an increase in large supermarkets opening in Bulgaria the choice is beginning to increase.

Why not calculate how much your Xmas day lunch and decorations has cost and compare to that of Bulgaria.