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Shopska Salad

As soon as the winter months have faded and we start to enjoy the warmer months of summer, one

can't help thinking of the fabulous Bulgarian salads - with all that wonderful fresh produce available. Shopska salad (shopska salata) is one the the most popular salads in Bulgaria and can be found on just about every Bulgarian menu.

Traditionally, most Bulgarians would normally accompany this salad with a glass of rakia! However enjoy it with whatever is your favourite tipple!





Serves 4
4 spring onions
4 medium size tomatoes
half a cucumber
2 green peppers
100g of bulgarian ‘serene' white cheese (or feta)
chopped fresh parsley
olive oil
optional: olives




Grill the peppers until the skin starts to darken and crisp. Let cool, covered, for a few minutes. Then remove the skins and the pips.

Tip: here in Bulgaria, rather than heating the grill, the peppers are often browned on an electric hot plate.

Cut them into small cubes, along with the onions, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Place the prepared ingredients into a large salad bowl.

Season, add chopped parsley, olive oil and mix well.

Cover in grated white cheese and enjoy!

If it takes your fancy, throw in a few black olives.