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Lovico Suhindol Sparkling Wine Reviews

Tasting and feeling the flavour and texture of sparkling wine is a complete and delightful amazing mystery. Sparkling wine is a true feast for all senses,

and can instantly make any occasion a special celebration. Quest Bulgaria has chosen a variety of wines for you to review for yourself  from the BALKAN CROWN  range from the LOVICO SUHINDOL Winery to enjoy chilled on a hot summer's day.


BALKAN CROWN Blanc de Blancs Brut

An elegant natural sparkling white wine, made from a blend of selected Chardonnay and aromatic Muscat Ottonel grapes. It has a straw-yellow colour with green tones and a well-pronounced and elegant varietals aroma of fruit with soft flowery touches. The taste is rounded, fresh and harmonious, followed by pleasant aftertaste. To be served chilled.

750 ml / ℮ 1500 ml
alc. 11.5 % vol.



BALKAN CROWN Rouge Demi-sec

A naturally sparkling red wine, made from a blend of noble high-quality 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Lively and flashing ruby-red colour and a steady long play of bubbles in the glass. A wine with sharp initial attack, velvety touches on the palate, lingering finish and memorable aftertaste. To be served chilled with fruit and desserts.

750 ml
alc. 12 % vol.



A naturally sparkling wine that  is made from 100% of selected high quality Chardonnay grapes. The colour is pale yellow with green notes, intensive and flashing. The well-pronounced and noble varietals aroma a touch of fruit. Good dense body, freshness and harmony, followed by pleasing finish. Steady long play of small bubbles. To be served chilled.

750 ml
alc. 12 % vol.


ETIQUETTE Night Edition Blanc de Blancs Brut

A wine presented in a sophisticated and elegant designed blue bottle, made from a blend of selected white grape varieties - 75% Chardonnay and 25% aromatic Muscat Ottonel. A straw-yellow colour with greenish tones. The delicate aroma and freshness are complemented by harmonious taste and memorable finish. To be served chilled at 7°С with fruit and desserts.

750 ml

alc. 12 % vol.


Wine reviews and images courtesy of the Lovico Suhindol Winery