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Baked Apples With Vanilla Syrup

A tasty sweet dessert to suit any occassion using fine Bulgarian fruits, and especially as the walnut season will soon be upon us.This baked apple dish will be the perfect autumn dessert to complete any meal.



8 - 10 Apples of a similar size
A cup of chopped fine walnuts
3/4 cupful of sugar
50 grams of Butter
Cinnamon to suit taste

To make Syrup:

225g Sugar
240ml Water
1 tsp Vanilla extract


Wash, peel and remove the core from the apples carefully.
To make the stuffing beat the butter, then add the sugar, crushed walnuts and cinnamon and mix. Line a dish with foil, stuff the apples and place in the dish,pour over a few spoons of water then bake in a medium oven to soft.

Meanwhile, add all of the ingredients for the syrup into a saucepan and bring to the boil, and simmer until thick.
When the apples are cooked, remove and spoon the hot syrup over the top, and allow time to go cold before serving. This receipe also works well with pears and quinces.