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Cabernet Sauvignon - Chateau Shivatchevo

A Bulgarian wine that boasts as much about the barrel as the region must be something special. In fact, the barrel is made from American oak and it plays a significant role in bringing out the wine’s unique flavour.

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is one we all know, having been a staple in many wine-producing regions for years. However, this grape thrives in warmer climes and is particularly well suited to the Balkan’s southern slopes.


After one year in the oak cask, this wine combines two very unique aromas’ which is the result of this cheeky grape mixing with the very natural properties of its oak casing.

Looking at this wine is an experience in itself; it is a deep and sumptuous ruby red colour. When it comes to taste, this wine packs plenty of punch. The rich flavour and year spent in the oak cask pays dividends when on the palette. Chateau Shivatchevo has a darkly sweet flavour, which brings to mind coffee, Morello cherry and vanilla - all the things we love!

On a practical note, this red is the perfect accompaniment to many rich meat dishes, and will be the perfect companion to a Sunday roast, any pasta dish or to classic Bulgarian white cheese. Like all wines, this Bulgarian red will also stand alone with no food, just great company!

Company Profile
VINI Slivenis a long-founded Bulgarian winemaker and one of the largest wine producers in Bulgaria. They produce a wide variety of red and white wines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Muscat.


Following numerous wine tastings at international wine fairs and competitions, VINI have received several awards and the approval and recognition of some famous European connoisseurs.