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Bulgarian Biscuit Cake

There are many varieties of the Bulgarian biscuit cake both on menus in restaurants and made from home. But some of the original recipes can take time to make. Thanks to a friend's birthday recently, Quest Bulgaria has found a quick and simple version of the popular dessert, which requires no cooking.


200g Ladies fingers
600g full fat yogurt (3.6%)
500g preserved fruit in syrup - Bulgarian compot works best with any fruit.
Chopped nuts for decoration - optional


In a serving dish (about 10" x 6") layer half of the ladies fingers, and pour some of the syrup from the fruit juice to moisten the biscuits. Spread half of the yogurt over the moist biscuits.
In a separate dish soak the remaining biscuits with the syrup in the same way, then transfer the second layer of biscuits and spread the remaining yogurt on the second layer.
Decorate the top with fruit and nuts if desired. Place in the fridge for about an hour before serving. Enjoy!