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Balanced Diet Menu

January for most of us signifies following new resolutions and along with that a new balanced diet menu.

There is no better time to give yourself a healthy month to boost your energy and lose those excess pounds and structure a fresh new balanced diet menu. And there's no better place to do this than in Bulgaria with all the organic fresh fruit and veggies. For those who can't afford to check into a spa for a holiday, don't worry, there are plenty of natural foods to get your body back on track after the unhealthy gorging of the last two weeks.

This is a great time of year when we all have some time on our hands, spending more time indoors and allowing us to put together a balanced diet menu with various healthy meals. Rather than follow a strict 'detox plan' (don't believe in detox diets), just opt for freshness and simplicity to make your body and soul happy.

Even in January you can still find plenty of foods to beat the post-festive slump. It's the moment for the sharpness of citrus fruits, crunchy apples and full-of-goodness root vegetables. Get rid of the junk food, processed foods and sugary drinks. If there are chocolates and cake left in the cupboard or a couple of bottles of wine in the cellar, give them to family or friends so you don't succumb during a weak moment. Sounds like hell? Don't worry, there's plenty left to eat.

It's really all about a little balance. Plenty of water, fruit and veggies with less of the stuff we know are not so good for us. You'll not only lose that unwanted extra weight but are likely to have better skin and look younger too.

The 90 day diet or 90 dnevna dieta is a very popular mehod of dieting and it is said to be very effective if followed carefully.

Top detox foods

Vegetables - any vegetables, particularly leafy greens. Pumpkin and other gourds can be used to make wonderful hearty (and healthy) soups
lemons - hot water with a slice of lemon is one of the best for detox
garlic - add this wonderful pungent bulb to everything, there is nothing better for the digestive system
green tea - jam-packed with antioxidants, you don't just have to drink plain green tea these days, there are many variations with camomile, spearmint, lemon...
fruit - include any fruit. Fresh is best but failing that use bottled, canned, frozen or dried. Make homemade freshly squeezed orange juice

There are plenty of yummy recipes without it all being vegetables. Experiment with different foods and instead of adding fattening sauces, keep it simple and add extra flavour with herbs and spices that are low in calories yet still appetising to the palette.

Try a chicken and broccoli stir fry with spaghetti; mix red cabbage with tuna, broccoli and rocket for a vitality salad or whip up an easy fusion lemon risotto with garlic prawns.

A new year is a chance for a fresh beginning so start this year and make an improvement to your life and take control of your life. Begin preparing a range of tasty low fat meals that you will enjoy, and will want to continue with for the rest of the year.

A detox will make you feel good about yourself, especially when you see the pounds falling off you.

A new resolution of following a balanced diet menu needn't be boring and dull. Simply devise a regime that suits you and stick with eating healthy.